Top Credit Cards That Don’t Have Foreign Transaction Fees
September 27, 2011

If you travel internationally (or spend money with companies based abroad) you should have a credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees. If not, you’ll be paying up to 3 cents for every dollar you spend in fees. So essentially you are negating the value of any points you might be accruing.

The easiest bet is to get a card that does not charge these fees. To find out if your card does you should call your issuer and ask. When you are applying for a card click on the link that says “Rates and Disclosures” or “Pricing and Terms” and it will have a line item near the top under Fees regarding the rate for foreign transactions.

Here is a list of the main cards that don’t charge foreign transaction fees.

50,000 points for Chase Sapphire Preferred. $95 annual fee, waived for the first year. 2x points on travel and dining.
50,000 miles for Chase British Airways Visa. $95 annual fee.
30,000 points for Chase Marriott Premier Visa plus free Category 1-4 hotel night. $65 annual fee.  (New addition)
30,000 points for Citi Thank You Premier. $125, waived for the first year
25,000 points
for Capital One Venture card. $59 annual fee, waived for the first year. 2x points on all purchases.
25,000 points for Amex Platinum. $450 annual fee.
2 Free nights for Chase Hyatt Visa. $75 annual fee.
60,000 points for Chase Priority Club Visa. $49 annual fee, waived for the first year.
10,000 points for the Capital One Venture One. No annual fee.
Chase Continental Presidential Plus card. $395 annual fee.

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3 Responses to Top Credit Cards That Don’t Have Foreign Transaction Fees

  1. Once I forgot to set up my credit cards for use overseas and they got totally shut down. Does anyone know how far in advance you have to notify them that you are traveling?

  2. The Citi AAdvantage Executive card also has no foreign transaction fee.

  3. Hey there,

    Firstly, love the new website. My wife (Julia) and I are from Atlanta, but temporarily living in Sydney having an early marriage adventure. We’ve begun planning a ‘Round the World Ticket with Delta partners for March – June (roughly) and have been researching different finance options for our next six months.

    We were wondering if you had any suggestions for our trip… I have three main priorities for our trip around 3-4 continents:

    1. Avoid foreign transaction fees
    2. Have a credit card company that uses very close spot exchange rates
    3. Maximize related benefits (miles, cash back or airline lounges)

    Couple things worth noting:
    *Currently use a Delta Gold card (mainly b/c we’re from Atlanta and fly Delta a ton)
    *Round the World ticket is being redeemed through AmEx / Delta Skymiles, not cash. Even still, we’ll be spending a good deal of money on that 3-4 month trip.
    * We’re looking into the differences between “Delta Reserve” vs. “Am EX Platinum” so far but we are open for other suggestions.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Evan & Julia

    PS, check this card out:
    too bad it doesn’t offer any benefits besides waiving the fees…

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